Right For You?

As much as we would like to build a website for everyone it doesn’t always work out that way. We hope we are a fit for you but let’s take a closer look just to make sure.  If we are a fit or your still not quite sure, then give us a call so we can move forward.

Home Base Business

It is a delight to see individuals breaking into their own business. We can help you get a great start.  We specialize in designing and developing custom websites for home base businesses.

Small and Mid Size Business

We specialize in designing and developing custom websites for small and medium sized businesses.  We will partner up with you as you move forward to growing your company.

Ministries | Non-Profits

We understand the needs of non-profit organization.  We have a soft spot for churches, ministries, missions and other organizations that are making this world a better place.

Conferences and Events

We specialize in events and conference websites.  These are special times and excellence is required. Getting married, having a conference, or having an event that requires an informational website and attendee access, we can do that.

1-3 Months Build Time

Great! That’s a pretty reasonable timeframe. We’re happy to work with you with that timeline.


If you are a blogger and need a custom blog, we?re probably not a good fit for you. Of course if you have the budget and are wanting to do something out of the ordinary with your blog site, that might be a different story.

eCommerece Stie

If you plan on having a worth wild?shopping cart website, there is extra maintenance involved. These types of site typically often require a web administrator. We can become that web administrator but it goes beyond just the building of a site. More Info

Free Site

We have not problem working with non-profit organizations and working out some great pricing, but free doesn?t help either one of us.? We probably won?t be a fit.

Want Something Cheap

We want our websites to be what the customer wants but we are not willing to cutout quality.? So, if you want us to slap a website together, then we?re not the right fit.

Need It Now!

Whoa! Hold it there partner. Our experience has been that if you?re in too much of a rush you risk doing more harm than good. Our minimum time for turning around is 6 weeks, with most projects taking 2-3 months.

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